All the below programs run during most 9 week school term.

We also offer holiday sessions and late January school readiness sessions. Private lessons for the early years also available. 

Please email us here to enquire about availability for your child or call us to discuss your child in more detail. 

Seashells: Age 3


Building on knowledge of letter sounds and rhymes


Seashells is a fun and interactive program for children with some prior knowledge of letters.  Our games help kids to commit letters to their long term memory and gently lead them into our Starfish reading program.  They will also develop their focus and concentration skills through play based learning.


Starfish: Ages 3 - 4


Developing early reading and spelling skills


Our Starfish program uses children's prior letter knowledge to start reading vowel - consonant words.  Through fun and engaging games our students practice sounding out letter combinations and putting together small words.  These skills will help build confidence and early literacy.


Dolphins: Ages 4 - 5


Beginning to read and spell 3 and 4 letter words


The Dolphins program is for children who already know their letter sounds and can read small vowel - consonant words.  At this stage their play based learning is more focused on rhymes, word families, short and medial vowel sounds, decoding and spelling.  As students start to grasp early literacy concepts they grew in confidence and are more prepared for school.

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