Perth, WA/Italian Born

Explain as simply as possible what you do. 

Design amazing structures.


What was the best career/life advice from a mentor you’ve ever been given? 

Listen to people with more experience than you have, you might not make the same mistakes that they did. On the same topic learn from my mistakes.


Which part of your job/role gives you the most satisfaction. A bit of everything but for me it is important to see people enjoying working with me, not only in the office but externally also.


For someone who wants to do your job what skills, experience or qualifications would you recommend? 

Engineering degree, lots of travelling and being humble and listen to people with more experience. I also recommend to work on completely un-related fields where there is a lot of customer care. Making sure that customers are happy about your work is essential.


Tell us briefly how you ended up doing what you do. Did you do many other jobs or start many other businesses before? 

Not many other jobs but enough to understand that I like this one. I’m doing this job because this is what I studied and I’m lucky as I like it.

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