Public Servant

Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade


Canberra, ACT, Australia




On what he does

I work at the Australian Government in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.  I've done lots of different things in this job, all of which aim to create opportunities for Australian businesses that want to sell their products or services overseas. Most of the time I'm at a desk writing, but I also get and about to meetings and I've been able to travel to France and the Philippines.  


Do you remember what you wanted to do with your life when you were a teenager?

I wanted to do something that seemed glamorous like a hotel manager or pilot.  

What was the best career/life advice you’ve ever been given?

I can't remember who gave me this advice, but I think I learned or realised that it's important to stay in touch with people around you who seem willing to support you, like teachers and employers. You will need them in the future to say good things about you!  Plus they will become your friends and mentors.  

Which part of your job gives you the most satisfaction.

It's important that what I do makes a difference.  I only make a small contribution to the Australian Government's work, so I get satisfaction in being part of a team and enjoying the company of my colleagues.   


If you have worked with any recent grads. What skills do you believe recent university graduates are lacking (if any) today and what strengths do they bring?

New graduates bring heaps of energy and important new skills to the job. They should always be willing to listen and learn. And it's important not to despair if things in the new job don't always seem great first up; try to hang around and try your hardest because new opportunities could be just around the corner.  

What one piece of advice would you give to your 15-year-old self or younger generations still at school today?

Be yourself. 


Did you have any jobs as a teenager?

 I was a tour guide at a lavender farm.  Plus I cleaned the toilets in between tours (with lavender scented water)  


How do you believe schools of universities might be changed to be more relevant or effective?

Encourage learning of other languages, because it opens up whole new worlds.  

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