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One-on-one online lessons

  • For 6 - 13 year olds we recommend one-to-one sessions at least once a week with packages available for daily sessions. Our team is experienced and qualified and you'll be surprised how much students can learn from home.

  • Those in years 10 - 12 who need specialist attention we recommend one-to-one tuition at least once a week. Our specialist senior tutors are subject experts and we have the very best tutors from across Australia. In every major subject area we have former state subject prize winners.





“Thanks for your support and encouragement. I hope the impact on all your future students is like how you’ve impacted me.” (year 12)

“Thank you so much for all you have done for me. I have gained so much not only from your great teaching but extensive knowledge. I would have been lost without you.” (year 11)

“Thank you for being such a bubbly, unique, great teacher! I’ve never learned so much.”(year 3)

“You have been a truly inspirational teacher for our daughter. You have taught her with such enthusiasm and thanks to you she has really enjoyed the subject and decided to continue with it for year 12.  (Early on in the piece she felt unsure whether she wanted to continue with it. Being stubborn meant it took her awhile to embrace the subject).The school will certainly miss you and have trouble replacing the flair and energy you teach with. ” (Parent of year 11 student)

“Thank you for being the only teacher to help me pass!” (year 10)

“You have been the most intelligent, funniest and caring teaching ever.” (year 7)

“You always make me smile.You have made my life so much easier and I am being so much more organised so school is now a breeze thanks to your help.” (year 7)

“Thank you for being such an amazing, inspirational teacher! “(year 11)

“Thanks for helping me embrace my curiosity! And for helping me achieve my goals.” (year 12)

“Thanks for your constant support. I will treasure your charisma and energy forever.”(year 11)

“Thank you for always being such a positive and exciting burst of energy. We need more teachers and people like you.”(year 3)

“Thank you for being an inspiration. I’ll miss your buzzing vibe."(year 12)

“Thank you for being such an incredible and inspiring teacher that I have looked up to. I have learned so much from you and will miss your energetic presence. You are the best teacher that has ever walked into this school.” (Former year 12 pupil, Sydney Girls School)

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