Account executive. Former Political Advisor

Toledo, Ohio, USA

Sally above Celebrating the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton at the British Embassy in Washington D.C. With the Vice-President Joe Biden

Previously based in Washington D.C., Brussels, Nottingham Sally has worked as a Public Affairs executive, Policy Analyst, International Relations expert just to name a few of her many job titles.

In brief, what do you do?

I work in an advertising agency (Gelia), as an Account Executive. I work with one client – Dana – which is a Fortune 500 company that sells vehicle parts and services (axles, transmissions, and driveshaft’s). I work with Dana on things such as website design, advertisements, branding and communications.

I am also a mum of two small children!


Do you remember what you wanted to do with your life when you were a teenager?

Be a politician!

What was the best career/life advice you’ve ever been given?

The harder you work, the luckier you get - President Thomas Jefferson!

Tell us briefly how you ended up doing what you do? 

After living and working in Washington D.C. for 11 years, my husband and I decided we wanted to live closer to family and relocated to Toledo, OH. There are few political jobs here and so I translated my skills into a communications position.

What one piece of advice would you give to your 15 year old self or younger generations still at school today?

It’s all going to be ok! I constantly stressed about whether I would find the perfect job/make money/find personal happiness. So long as you work hard, respect yourself, live good values = it will all be ok!

What was the best year of your life and why?

Every year gets better. So 2016 is currently my best year!


Did you have any jobs as a teenager?

A bazillion. I worked in hairdressers, coffee shops, retail stores, hotel chains (waitressing). I also got heavily involved in volunteering at my local Conservative Party as a teenager.

Tell us briefly the different places you’ve lived in…

I lived and grew up in Nottingham, England. I never thought I would leave my hometown, let alone England. But then an opportunity came up to work in Brussels, Belgium and I found out that I loved the ex-pat lifestyle. I then went to Washington D.C. (USA) and now I’ve settled in Toledo, Ohio.

Did you enjoy school? If so why and if not why not?

High school was ok – I sometimes felt ‘left out’ of the cool club, and every teenager wants to be in the cool club. By university I worked out that the cool club wasn’t very cool at all and had a blast just doing my own thing: work hard, play hard.

How do you believe schools and or universities might be changed to be more relevant or effective?

Dissertations/theses are pointless for the most part. Students feel that it’s something they have to get through/get over rather than actually investigate/develop; and rarely do tutors know as much about the topic as they should! Also, these products end up in the thrash 99% of the time because there’s nothing really very valuable in them. But these products make up such a large part of your final grade, which seem anomalous.

" It’s not where you’re from, but where you’re going to that matters. The government’s responsibility is to ensure equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome." Sally

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