DION. Sculptor. Sydney, Australia.


Do you remember what you wanted to do with your life when you were younger?

I struggled as a teenager, life at home was really really shit. abusive and disruptive. It made learning at school tough. I didn’t fit in, I stuttered really badly, I wasn’t fast or sporty, I didn’t want to fight….I got hit enough at home. I didn’t enjoy being a teenager. What I did do was draw. I could escape the outside world by simply picking up a pencil and drawing. I’ve always wanted to be an artist. 

What was the best advice you’ve ever been given? 

“The more you put into something, the more your going to get out of it”….go hard, give it everything. if you’re not sure what ya wanna do, just be the best person you can possibly be. and never give up….life throws some pretty hectic curve balls. Get up, have another go. Go hard…there is no other option.

I’m a full time practicing sculptor, I make art pretty much all day 6 days a week, when I’m not making something, I’m thinking about how to make it, or what I’m making. I’m living the dream.

Photo by James Nelson for Russh Magazine

Supersonic - image from SMH.com.au

Photo by Jay Harrison


On what he loves about what he does. 

I refer to my practice as a job, but really it’s not, I’m playing in a big art room from 6am till 3pm 6 days a week. I’m having fun, I like making stuff. the most satisfaction….I’m doing what I want to do. I work/play really hard at it though.

What one piece of advice would you give to your 15-year-old self? 

Hang in there kiddo, it’s gunna (going to) get better, don’t give up. Life is awesome, really fucking awesome.

On how much he worked when he was young.

I got kicked out of home 4 months shy of my 16th birthday, I stayed at school. worked at KFC at night. When I finished school at 17 I worked in a bakery at night and a cycle courier during the day. Then I went to uni for 3 months, hated it and left. when I was really young I used to clean cars and do odd jobs around peoples houses…mow the lawns, clean the gardens up, I did a milk run. I did paper run. I worked on fishing boats as a 14-15 ear old baiting the long lines. Idid a one summer on the floor of a meat works sweeping blood into gutters,  worked on farms fencing…yup, I worked as a kid.

How do you believe schools of universities might be changed to be more relevant or effective?

I think that’s a hard one. I’m so out of touch with the school system now. I have two daughters, one 20, she’s left school and one who is about to turn 16. I’d probably ban all iPhones…I’d probably try and instil in kids a sense of worth.

What am I most proud of….

Without a doubt…my two daughters, I love them. I don’t understand how parents can be abusive towards their kids. I love being a dad. It’s the best.

video by HATTIE MORGAN @hattiemorgan 

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