40% of Australian students regularly unproductive according to Grattan Institute report. How can we

In this Grattan Institute report released today Engaging students: creating classrooms that improve learning.

The report states that, "Learning, not silence, must be the end goal.

The teacher’s ambition should not necessarily be a quiet classroom, but a genuinely productive class.

The broader aims are to help students feel comfortable, be confident in their own abilities, be willing to participate and make mistakes, and be keen to challenge themselves in learning.

And effective teaching goes further: creating an environment that not only makes learning possible now, but also teaches attitudes and behaviours that enhance learning and success in later life. Student skills in self-regulation, such as self-monitoring and self-evaluation, are vital for life-long learning."

At Expand Education this is we aim for all our students to thrive academically and in life. Expand Education has been created in order to connect with students and engage them one-on-one and ensure that they are developing vital life skills. Our curriculum, teaching staff and resources are engaging and relevant to the 21st century.

One statistic that may (or may not!) come as a surprise to parents is , "about 40 per cent of all students are regularly unproductive in a given year."

How can we create classrooms that improve learning? Below are some tips.

It is important to understand with respect to praise as "praise should be specific and genuine." If it is vague or overdone it can come across as insincere and actually lower expectations, which can undermine the authenticity of the teacher’s relationship with the student.

How to create classrooms that improve learning - image below from Grattan Report and linked to the report.

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