Six ideas for how to spend the winter holidays

Holidays are a wonderful time for students to take a break, have fun, socialise (offline!) and enjoy sport and creative activities. They are also a great time to get ahead.

1. Read, read, read. Encourage reading a novel for fun over the holidays or even 2 or 3 if your child is a fast reader. With technology usage reducing the ability of students to focus this is a great way to bring back focus and have true "time out"! They could even visit the beautiful new Perth Library with a friend and do their reading there on a wet day.

2. De-clutter. Get them to clear out their files and get rid of any clutter in their locker, bags, folders and workbooks. This can be done while listening to music or an interesting podcast. Their Expand tutor/mentor can help with this!

3. Create a weekly study plan for term 3 with time allocated for co-curricular activities, relaxation, social media/gaming use and importantly dedicated study time for each subject. It's very important they also create a social media plan so they have allocated time to use social media (or game) rather than using it intermittently while they study as this makes study ineffective. It's also important that their relaxation time is NOT with their phone.

4. Go over past tests/exams and if in year 11/12 (or even younger years if motivated!) spend some time figuring out which parts of the syllabus needs to be worked on. In earlier years students can use holidays to go back and learn concepts they struggled with the first time around so they start term 3 robust and confident.

5. Encourage your child to take some time to go and meet and interview someone who works in an area they believe they are interested in. Having a chat with people with experience can do wonders especially for year 9/10 students who don't know which subject to select but even for year 11/12 students who don't know what they would like to pursue post school. If they want a casual job over the summer holidays they could even spend time trying to find a job in advance as it does take a while to find a casual job in this market!

6. Get your child to write out what grade they are currently on in key subject areas and then where they would like to be by the end of term 3 and 4 and then get them to create a plan of attack to get there for each subject. Again, this is a great activity for Expand tutors and mentors

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