Tech + Talk. Education has never been so full of opportunities for students.

Returning to Australia after attending and presenting at the Building Learning Communities EdTech conference in Boston, USA I've never been more happy to be working in education.

The Economist's The future of learning edition last month was yet another reminder that technology has the potential to transform education but what matters is how edtech is used. It discusses the best way technology can help students is through bespoke instruction.

For example, it discussed the fact that by 2012 Australia had more computers than pupils and handled poorly, devices can distract.

As educators, today we can help our students more than ever before but we must ensure we focus on building positive relationships with our students first, and then use advances in technology, positive psychology and neuroscience to help every one of our students to thrive.

For what we are doing at Expand Education visit

Read the editorial here: Brain gains The Economist editorial July 22nd 2017

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