Which university is best for ME?

The latest higher education rankings are out today and Australia has 6 universities in the top 100 globally.

There are so many post-secondary options and it's important that students are informed and know which university specialises in what. It is worth visiting universities in high school so that students get a feel for different universities and what they may offer an individual student. It's very inspiring and motivating for the senior years if students can take a look at some of the amazing campuses and courses in advance, not to mention ensuring they select the correct subjects for year 11/12.

With Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) now providing outstanding free online courses available for anyone to enrol the benefit of a traditional university education is the human to human relationships and network that attending a physical location allows.

For students and parents that are curious to know more about MOOCs I've used EdX and another provider that provides courses from the worlds best universities is Coursera.

#ExpandEducationUniversityadvice #Educationtoemployment

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