Students need time out. NOT on their phones. Watch this TED talk about boredom leading to brilliant

This TED video hits onto something I talk about every day with students. When I first meet with a student I ask them, "Do you ever have time out?" This leads to a discussion about what time out actually is, the student then reflects upon this before 99% of the time admitting they rarely have time out without being on their smartphone. Often students then describe a time when they were on a holiday and had no connection and they discuss how great it was to be disconnected and how free and light they felt.

Hopefully this talk helps as a conversation starter with our children and students but also helps us personally reflect on how we use technology. (These bored and brilliant challenges are also good to try)

Most families need to have more conversations (the earlier they better!) about what is acceptable and unacceptable usage before children become too dependent on their smartphone and other forms of technology.

As for our own usage, last year Common Sense media found that parents are using media for entertainment just as much as their kids are, yet they express concerns about their kids’ media use while also believing that they are good role models for their kids.

To help children avoid unhealthy screen time US physician and filmmaker behind the film Screenagers created TECH TALK TUESDAYS (TTT) which emails out conversation starters about social media, research, tech tips and much more to incite a dynamic conversation with your children. You can sign up here

“With all the conflict at home about tech time, I believe there is a positive—that through TTT we can teach empathy and communication skills. We model empathy when we actively listen to our kids’ views on tech issues and we teach conflict resolution by discussing tech rules. In this way we are teaching them the exact things we worry they are losing with so much screen time.”—Delaney Ruston, filmmaker of Screenagers.

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