The Expand Education secondary coaching Program

Many students struggle with motivation and focus at school. This can be due to a multitude of factors and there is no blanket solution that will help all students.


At Expand we believe in developing strong relationships with our students in order to best understand what makes each child tick and unleash their potential.


As Learning First CEO Ben Jensen states in an article in The Australian last year,


“Building positive relationships involves assessing students to determine their ability level and then developing and delivering teaching strategies that engage them at this level, while setting ambitious goals and monitoring progress towards them.”


In a traditional classroom this is difficult to do but at Expand this is what we were created to do.


Expand offers coaching for students that goes beyond teaching, tutoring and mentoring. It combines all these areas and constantly evolves to offer the most relevant advice, insights and experiences for all its students.


We build confidence and resilience in our students so they can finish school and go out and pro-actively fulfil their potential.




Our focus is on students becoming proficient academically while also developing a strong sense of purpose and tapping into their unique passions. 


All our coaches aim to achieve the following with their students

(if there is an area here that is NOT relevant to your child we will not focus on it);

  • Enhanced self esteem and development of good etiquette and manners

  • Fluency in subject area/s – students must master subject areas and should be able to use their knowledge and be able to apply their knowledge


Feedback to students/parents on a term by basis based on the following areas


1.     Results: monitor school results and formative/informal tasks that have been completed with students. We focus on the importance of reflecting on feedback and results to look at ways to improve and strive to turn weaknesses into strengths.


2.     Contentment/confidence: Coaches aim to build student enjoyment within subject areas and instil confidence in them. This is a subjective area but important to try and gauge on a regular basis from the student and coaches’ perspective.


3.     Efficiency: Coaches are trained to develop effective study routines with students. This involves ensuring social media usage is regulated and online research techniques are refined.

Our programs are personalised for each individual student and developed and run by individuals who are not only experts but passionate about what they do. We believe a strong relationship between coach and student is vital and seek to place students with the best possible coach from the very start.


It is best to start with Expand in year 9 or 10 but our program can be tailored to any secondary student. While each student plan is tailored to the specific student, each will include a focus on the below five areas in addition to focusing on tutoring in a specific subject area/s.

1.     Developing a sense of purpose

2.     Social wellbeing (including social media regulation, digital literacy and communication skills)

3.     Physical wellbeing

4.     Community

5.     Financial Literacy

Expand Education Program + tutoring


Tory offers a one on one session with students to discuss their interests, subjects and their future aspirations. Options are discussed with the student including options they may not have considered or may not know exist. Tory develops a plan for the student and pairs them up with a ‘mentor/tutor’ we call a ‘coach’. The coaches have been trained in the Expand Education program and have access to the course and resources via our learning management system.

We aim to put the student with a coach that has similar interests yet complementary knowledge.

Our coaches are top local students who have graduated between 2013-2016. They have been selected not only based on their academic excellence and outstanding interpersonal and communication skills but for their imagination, reason, emotional subtlety and positive enthusiasm.





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