We tutor one-on-one and offer group lessons for students aged 3-18. For details about our group classes please call us for times.

Our tutors aim to provide a learning environment that prepares students for life. They aim to promote curiosity, creativity and confidence in every lesson. 

Many students struggle with motivation and focus at school. This can be due to a multitude of factors and there is no blanket solution that will help all students.


At Expand we believe in developing strong relationships with our students in order to best understand what makes each child tick and unleash their potential.


As Learning First CEO Ben Jensen states in an article in The Australian this year,


“Building positive relationships involves assessing students to determine their ability level and then developing and delivering teaching strategies that engage them at this level, while setting ambitious goals and monitoring progress towards them.”


In a traditional classroom this is difficult to do but at Expand this is what we were created to do.


We build confidence and resilience in our students so they can finish school and go out and pro-actively fulfil their potential.


Our focus in on students becoming proficient academically while also developing a strong sense of purpose and tapping into their unique passions. 

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Location:Allen Park Lower Pavilion or currently 100% online