For secondary students we offer individual coaching at Expand Education in Station St, Cottesloe or at your home. Each student will receive a highly individualised coaching program based on our curriculum.

Our coaches have all gone through an extensive interview and training process in order to be able to teach the Expand curriculum and have current working with children checks. Coaches are also mentors and have been trained to help with organisation, research and study skills. 

Expand Education offers a dynamic 'coaching' curriculum focused on developing skills that prepare secondary students for life. Expand is focused on students fulfilling their potential academically and personally. Vital life skills including financial and digital literacy are taught and importantly students develop a sense of purpose for now and the future.


The Expand Education program helps students become motivated, confident and resilient teenagers who finish school and go out and pro-actively fulfil their potential. 


Young Australians must become more “digitally literate, financially savvy, innovative and adaptable and can navigate the increasingly complex careers of the future. (The New Work Order report, 2015)


Expand Education is about preparing students for this future. At Expand we believe in developing strong relationships with our students in order to best understand what makes each child tick and unleash their potential.


In a traditional classroom this is difficult to do but at Expand this is what we were created to do.


The Expand Education coaching program has been developed by teacher Tory Vidler based on a desire to create a program that complements the current secondary curriculum and “fills in the gaps” preparing students to be job and ‘life’ ready not just uni ready.  


 Our small team of outstanding coaches have a holistic approach to learning which focuses on proficiency but also enjoyment and connecting learning to the world beyond the classroom. Our model aims to ensure all our students have the skills to make a smooth transition from secondary study into work and further study. Through our program we aim to expose students to experiences and opportunities they may never have thought about or even thought possible.

To discuss specific requirements and learn more about our course please email or call us on 0424 676 775.


Coaching aims to unleash the potential of every student. It focuses on developing purpose in each student and giving students opportunities and experiences that get them out of their comfort zone and build confidence. It is not only tuition in subject areas, although students are placed with coaches that specialise in the subject areas where the student is weak.

STEP 1: Students meet with our founder Tory for an initial session where they go through a very extensive list of questions to understand exactly what the student requires. After this meeting Tory then places the student with a coach that she believes can best relate to the student and achieve the best outcomes for the student.

STEP 2: A specific plan is made for the student and Tory runs over the plan with the coach to ensure they are up to the task.

STEP 3: Tory emails profile to the parents who decide whether to proceed further.

STEP 4: Coach contacts parent/student.

STEP 5: Coaches are guided by the specific students plan and the Expand Education course outline. If students have problems in certain subjects the coaches can also focus on these subjects. 

STEP 6: Coaching continues as long as student benefits and is seeing positive changes and results. Ideally the students will develop the skills and confidence to become coaches themselves one day.

What else do we provide to ensure your child has the best possible support?

A meeting to discuss your child’s needs. This meeting can be with or without your child. This enables us to best place your child with the best possible coach and to develop a program that will deliver results.

We will provide you with regular progress reports on how your child is performing. We believe regular feedback to students is vital so they can reflect and grow. The Economist Magazine agrees. In the Education issue of the Economist in June 2016 feedback  to students is the most effective education strategy. (see left)

We encourage regular feedback on our coaches and our systems so we can constantly train our coaches and refine our systems.

Tutoring Perth Cottesloe Expand Education
Tutoring Perth Cottesloe Expand Education

At left: a chart from The Economist's Briefing on Education Reform June 11-17 2016 link to article here

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